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The actress’s acknowledgment that she’s bisexual is about how she defines herself, not whom she shares her heart or bed with.

Flipping it around a bit: Let’s say you, a married straight man, become a widower, and you remain single after that.

So what does that even mean, to be a monogamous, married bisexual?

If she’s married to a man and never sleeps with women, doesn’t that make her straight?

In True Blood, Channel 4’s new HBO hit, Paquin, now 27, has morphed into the telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse.

She runs around in tiny shorts, and has bleached blonde hair and a lot of steamy sex with a vampire named Bill.

yes they ' are dating Anna and Stephen are sweet and great couple! they have been dating ever since the first season of True Blood maybe even longer!

well they are a great couple in real life & so what who cares about the age difference.

To add to the mix, and to the delight of the tabloids, in August Paquin got engaged in real life to her vampire lover, the English actor Stephen Moyer.

It has not yet known when the couple plan to tie the knot.

New Zealand-born Anna - who plays telepathic Sookie Stackhouse - and British star Stephen - who portrays vampire Bill Compton - are lovers in 'True Blood' and the actress recently admitted their real-life romance makes it easy for them to shoot nude scenes. Although the way that people ask me about it all the time, I feel like maybe I should feel uptight about it.

— Confused straight man A: No, that doesn’t make the “True Blood” star straight.

And yes, my “confused” letter writer, it’s possible to be monogamous, married and bisexual.

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