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The following musically-themed games are a perfect harmony of fun AND free!Print & cut out the individual cards (download at the bottom of the post! In this game, one member of a team starts to sing any song of their choice (for inspiration they may choose a song card – see above).Peter: There was a time when you'd be more selective When you were horny and feeling erective Now one swipe and there's thousands to bone All from a sex app you use on your phone Cleveland: That's the Tinder!Peter: A lot of sad, lonely gals who want babies Three hundred pounders infested with scabies Leather gimps who do nothing but moan These are the weirdos you find on your phone Joe: You know, a surprising number of them live near the airport.We really only know the girls as their characters and what they post on Instagram.The girls filmed this episode back in March when they were attending SXSW.He helped produce The Beatles' famous Hollywood Bowl performance in 1964 along with the first two North American tours of The Rolling Stones.

Each time they get another song correct, they will advance to the next dollar amount.But in the meantime, here are eight vital pieces of information you should know about it.What's more surprising than Eubanks' age at the start of the show, he also had a successful career in the music industry. The girls recite the lyrics as Sean Bean playing Ned Stark “standing on top of the wall, staring out at all the wildlings.” Turner does her best Ned Stark reciting the opening lines of “Hakuna Matata.” At the end of the clip, they do a dramatic re-enactment of the line “Oh, my god, Becky, look at her butt,” from Sir Mix-a-Lot’s classic “Baby Got Back.” Their dramatization is pure comedy, with Turner in her English accent shouting “Becky! We also just love seeing these two friends in their element together. If you don’t have Apple Music, this preview clip might be all you need.

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Peter, Joe & Cleveland: Gonorrhea, HPV-a You will catch a do-o-ose Peter: Of blisters and itching and genital warts 'Cause Tinder makes you..gross And for kids it's kind of tragic Sex for them has lost it's magic Banging every Tom and Dick and Jack and Jill and Joan And this also might surprise ya All your married friends despise ya 'Cause we're not allowed to have an orgy through our phone Peter, Joe & Cleveland: You're perverted, barely human You're not even clo-o-ose Peter: A filthy degenerate seeking a thrill Your spirits and genitals run though the mill With plenty of hoes and prescriptions to fill Peter, Joe & Cleveland: 'Cause Tinder makes you so gross!

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