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However, it is more likely that the more restricted term for a brief proverb of comparison came to be applied, by synecdoche, to various kinds of wisdom lit., such as those gathered together in the canonical book. Background Whether or not Solomonic authorship is accepted, one can agree that the background of Proverbs seems to be the royal court at Jerusalem. in the ancient Near E antedates Proverbs by more than a thousand years, the particular form of instructions addressed to “my son” seems more like the Egyp.

works The Instructions of Ptahhotep, The Instructions of Meri-ka-Re, The Instructions of Amen-en-het, and The Instructions of Ani.

Most scholars place after the conquest of Palestine by Alexander the Great in 332 B. Literary Character and Forms The Book of Proverbs uses a variety of wisdom forms or genres.I think the weight that has been placed on these themes influences the way some single Christian men approach women in the pursuit of relationships.Historically under patriarchal systems, women were considered possessions where men traditionally controlled the lifestyles and sexuality of women.It is difficult to know precisely the role Solomon and his court may have had in starting the process which culminated in the Book of Proverbs.This process may be compared to the way psalms of Davidic authorship eventually led to the Book of Psalms.

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