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You need to have thick skin or at least build it up for the duration of your relationship. The upside to this is, you will always have a cuddle buddy for when she wants to watch new episodes of Whether you believe in them or not, start getting into them right now!

Her horoscope will determine if you two will spend the day fighting while eating tacos at Wilbur Mexicana, or if you two will be taking a romantic stroll in High Park."Soon as you see the text, reply me.” Those aren't just Drake lyrics to her, those are rules of life!

——— HATERS GONE HATER TLC, which launched a Kickstarter fund in 2015 to raise money for their final album, earned more than 0,000, though they initially asked for 0,000. “We were so shocked.” Katy Perry and thousands of fans donated to the project, which thrilled the band.It takes a special kind of girl to wait in line for Tequila Jacks in the middle of February.These girls know how to dress to impress while wearing four layers.If you've ever wanted to travel the world but didn't want to break the bank, now is your chance!If you're dating a Toronto girl, she'll probably be a foodie and trying new restaurants will become a new hobby for both of you.

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