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Registration is simple – just click the button above to get started.There's one main thing to know about so called ''senior'' dating in Canada and that's the fact that those who are trying it are not as unusual or doddering as the ''senior'' term would suggest!Mature dating is one of the fastest growing subsections of online dating and at Elite Singles we make it easier for you to meet compatible singles who are looking for long-term love and companionship.

As we get older we have a firmer idea of who we are, and what we need in a partner – dating should fit into your life, not disrupt it.

If you, along with many other mature daters, are finding it difficult to meet fellow singles your age, start improving your chances of meeting someone special by looking online.

Almost 1 in 3 of our members is aged over 50, and they are like-minded in their ambitions: finding a long-term, happy relationship with someone who suits their personality and lifestyle.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. "hey, your hot"won't cut it.:)so if your impling women over 55 more desperate, easier to date.. I know many 55 and older woman, who are strong, beautiful, and very stable in life... I implying there are more quality women over 55 than there are quality men. Maybe many men and women over 55 don't want to date at all, but it's likely the same pecentage for each gender, so they don't count. Voila, at age 55, I was well off, an entrepreneur, still had all my hair, I was straight, single, and living in a cool apartment in Soho.

It appears to that at about age 55 men have more choices to dating than women. wanted to go online dating, or at least check it She concluded all the men in her age group were dead as there was no one in her age group to contact ( close to 80).......... they are not much interested in your average joe or dating one. When I went through my divorce 3 years ago I was 55 and hadn't dated anyone since my late 20's. I could have (and sometimes did) dated a different woman every night. For the right man--there is always a sweet spot--but to think cause there is a *lack of other men makes your chances better really does imply that a woman would lower her standards--and yet everyone talks about how much more picky older people are.

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